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Set up quite nicely.

February 8th, 2014

Not bad for a 33 year old!

Okay. I have a 24v Iltis. I have a 1.9TD “AAZ” engine in it. I used the petrol 24v alternator, with little success, I cannot keep the belt tight and it wears too quickly. I have been looking into the component parts of the alternator, and it appears that I can take the drive end […]

Iltis glow relay

August 17th, 2011

When I installed my AAZ engine, I had to convert it to 24v, this involved changing a few items on the engine. VW did make a 24v Diesel Iltis, but only 880 [I’m told], so you are not exactly tripping over them. with their relative rarity it has put a premium on the price of […]

  Just a Just a list of part numbers from other manufacturers that use the same rear light as the military 24v Iltis. Hella – 2SD 001 698-001 AUDI KDWHLO9483 AUDI 183 945 095 DAF 050 9900 DAF 084 1884 DOLL 8176132 FAUN 9970-8412657 FIAT 2482359 FIAT 60138188 IVECO 0280 0306 IVECO 2482 359 KÄSSBOHRER […]

Iltis gear box ratios

October 18th, 2010

1st – 3.909 2nd – 2.277 3rd – 1.458 4th – 1.086 Reverse – 7.318 Gelande – 7.603 Final Drive – 5.29

Chase the master cylinder.

October 9th, 2010

Groan. Went to bleed the brakes, found brake fluid dripping from the joint between the cylinder and the servo, deep joy. Okay, lets get a master cylinder! Easier said than done. I’ll have to write this down as I’m getting confused now, I have a scrap of paper here that has just loads of numbers […]

CV Joints and boots

October 8th, 2010

Inner CV joint VW No. – 183 498 103  Dimensions. OD – 100mm Depth – 32mm Spines – 25 PCD 6x86mm Bolt hole dia. – 8.5mm Plunge measurement – 32mm Aftermarket Part Numbers. GKN Part no (kit) – 21561 Loebro kit no – 301142 GKN Motorsport no – MS3K023* SKF – VKJA8688 *These kits contain […]

English wiring diagram

September 27th, 2010

I chanced upon a wiring diagram for the Iltis, but it was in German, so I spent a few nights translating the info into English. I have then added the German diagram to the end of the pdf. I’ve uploaded it here for future referance. << Click >>