Today, I learnt something….

Posted September 7th, 2010 by admin

…that iltis and 1.9TD’s don’t mix easily!

I tried to fit the starter motor, it fouls the block! Doh! Out with the grinder!!

So, today the clutch came so that was installed onto the flywheel (after the crank spigot bearing was installed obviously) while we were in that area we also fitted a new starter bush, daft not to.

Engine went in with a bit of a wiggle, sealed the shit plate up so we have a nice water tight bell housing, then, as you do, went to fit the starter. *dunk*, er… hmmm… tries again *dunk* ah, theres an extra casting on the block that stops the starter fitting as it should, after having a bit of an inspection I decided to get the grinder out and “Lop Off” the offending lump, hey presto, starter fits, yey!

Other things done today… well, seeing as we had the engine in the hole we also regained the timing marks so a fresh cambelt and tensioner went on. I also found in my stock of rubbish I really should throw away, some cambelt covers that allow use of normal V belt pulleys rather than having to modify the lower cover from a car that normally has a serpentine set up, that was nice.

Some pictures.

A few shots of the engine in the hole, alternator is work in progress. In the absense of the correct alternator bracket I just mocked the instal up with what I had, i.e a T3 TD item, may work, may not.

I’ve also had some issues with pulleys lining up, so again this has been mocked up with spacers and washers to get the measurememnts right, once happy I will get the machine shop to make some attractive parts instead of my temporary lash up.

Body on soon! Just need my GTD turbo and cast adapter to arrive, then the very expensive TD downpipe and we’ve cracked it

Radiator away for re-coring as it was a bit “fluffy”.

Oil cooler system parts on order, due to space constraints I will have to run a remote filter.

I’ve already fitted it with a 80° thermostat in anticipation of problems with using a 1.9TD engine with a cooling system designed for a 1.7l petrol motor..

2 Responses to “Today, I learnt something….”

  1. Monsho


    get those pulley’s painted you slacker.

    did you take the rest of the paint off the sump?

  2. Monsho

    also, did you swap the dipstick over – looks like the AAZ one there?