Another week goes by..

Posted September 19th, 2010 by admin

…and a little more work gets done.

It’s quite nice when a customer “Knocks” and doesn’t turn up as we always have something to do, and are always behind with work but we’re not doing bad recently, so when a customer didn’t turn up this week we managed to get a fair amount of work done on the old tub.

When the Iltis arrived, the rear lighting looms had been cut, so before the body went back on the chassis I extended all the wires in anticipation of doing the rear lights, earths cleaned and we ran a fog lamp wire front to rear (correct colour wire too, because we’re sad like that 🙂 ) In Germany a rear fog light is not compulsory, but in the UK from 1980 onwards it is, so we have to have it! handily in one of the boxes that came with the Iltis is a nice military Hella fog lamp, perfect!

Some nicer pictures of the wheels to follow also, quite chuffed with the result, the tyres weren’t expensive and look really aggressive, they will render me deaf granted but it will be worth it I feel sure!

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