Oil filter set up

Posted November 3rd, 2010 by admin

Yeah yeah its all a bit messy in there I know!
Couple of people have asked how we have sorted the oil filter arrangement as if you use the original filter head the filter would foul the clutch assembly. VW T4 filter heads from the ABL code 1.9l TD engine sits at the right angle to miss the engine mounting but it does not leave enough space for the filter.
You cannot use the original Iltis filter head as the 1.9D/TD engines have a different bolt pattern for the filter head than earlier engines.
We have used a take off plate to a remote filter head and filter assembly on the left hand inner wing just below the coolant reservoir, we also are going to then use a thermostatic take off plate to go to a 13 row oil cooler to be mounted behind the front grille.
We have actually used a filter head from a later petrol Audi 80 but it is very similar to that of the T4.
The original system for the 1.6TD iltis of which only very few were made used a oil cooler arrangement which fed the plenumb chamber, but seeing as we are fitting a larger engine and using the stock 1.7l radiator I thought the cooler had better be up front for better cooling.

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