Iltis glow relay

Posted August 17th, 2011 by admin

When I installed my AAZ engine, I had to convert it to 24v, this involved changing a few items on the engine.

VW did make a 24v Diesel Iltis, but only 880 [I’m told], so you are not exactly tripping over them. with their relative rarity it has put a premium on the price of the Diesel iltis only parts.

The  Genuine VW Glow plug relay is one such item, I could buy one off the shelf from VW Classicparts but with a retail price of €180 or so it is quite a lot of money for what it does.

Iltis glow plug relay 24v 70a
VW – 183 919 481
Herth+Buss Elparts 75899146, superceeds I0899146
Steyr – 7161860600

I could not bring myself to buy this part, so I made a call to Bosch technical to see if they had anything after fruitless web searches and they came up with this.

A 24v glow relay I’m told from a Volvo [pt no. – 11099286] , Bosch number 0 281 003 008.

My only gripe with this item is that it has an internal temperature sensor rather than one that is bolted into the cooling system on the engine, and mounted high up in the engine bay it doesn’t like putting the glow plugs on when the engine is luke warm, not really an issue as a quick tug on the cold start lever soon has the engine running again! I’m quite happy to live with this rather than pay the €180 for the VW one!!

Some other parts that needed changing were the glow plugs themselves, this was an easy inexpensive job, I got the glow plugs next day from a Bosch dealer for not much more than 12v items,

Iltis glow plug 23v
VW – N 101 664 01
Bosch – 0 250 201 022
Kager – 65-2009
Puch – 716 1 09 033 0

The other item I had to change was the Diesel stop solenoid in the pump head of the injection pump, again a common item used on lots of vehicles and readily available from Bosch.

VW – 068 130 135 B
Bosch – 0 330 001 047

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