Last Post (from me!)

Posted November 19th, 2019 by admin

How do, long time no post! Both of my Iltis (Ilises, Ilti?) are long gone and along with my enthusiasm and spare time too!

Luckily for you I’ve been badgered for the log in details for the the site so someone else can take over, a bit of fresh blood, someone else to take the baton and carry on running.

May I introduce Peet, he’ll be along soon, breaking the site, making a mess of posting stuff you know, learning, I’m sure he’ll get the hang of it soon enough and you’ll have some fresh content to perv at in due course!

Whilst I’m here I’d just like to thank the people I met along the way, all the guys at Iltis Team Nordeifel who have been a great source of info to help me get my scrap pile up and running ( ) Tobi at Iltisteile ( ) and Wagner Armee Fahrzeug ( ) for the parts required to replace all the missing and broken bits on my Iltis.

I’ve not strayed too far, I’m still in the Bundeswehr Brotherhood, I’ve had a 1989 Ex-Bundeswehr T3 Double Cab Pick Up waiting in the wings for a year or two (actually, much longer! sshhh) and has recently made it to the road with a 2.0l Golf 3 GTI engine.

Brickwerks Double Cab

All The Best, it’s been fun 🙂


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