History of my Iltis

My Iltis started it’s life on the 24th of August 1981 and was the 9th Iltis  of the day leaving the Ingolstadt Audi factory production line. It finally left the factory on the 7th of September 1981 to be delivered to the Bundeswehr shortly after. Once in the hands of the Bundeswehr it was given the designation Y-230 137 (reg plate basically)

There are some numbers marked on the “Part number plate” which tells us that it left as a standard Iltis, however it does have red crosses on the bonnet, rear 1/4’s and rear panel they since been painted over. If the Iltis had been desinated an Ambulance from the factory it’s numbering would be different, leading me to believe it had a change of use from a standard Iltis to a medic vehicle in it’s early life.

It’s early history is sketchy intil Jan 94 when it was in “FJgBtl 760 in Munich, which is “Feldjaegerbataillion” = Military Police. That fits to the “FELDJAEGER” banner that is stuck to the front of the bonnet.

At some point the vehicle has then come to the UK and was stationed at Castle Martin range, a German army tank training base in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

With the fall of the Berlin wall Castle Martin was no longer economically viable for the Germans (s they has the whole of East Germany to go and romp on) and the base closed in 1996.

From what I can gather the vehicles that were left were sold as scrap, some lucky soul bought up the 10 or so Iltis that were left, made good from the bad and passed them on accordingly.

The previous keeper says he travelled to pembrokeshire to buy this Iltis from a guy who said it was his sons and had been dry stroed for 10 years.

Any more info on this Iltis greatfully recieved.